Beyond Safety: Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

Beyond Safety: Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

While most caregivers opt for a senior care home because of safety reasons, an assisted living facility has far more to offer than just injury prevention. When your senior enters a Redlands elder care community, they enjoy a wider range of social interaction, emotional supports and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Learning more about the benefits of a nursing home can help you make the decision to relocate your senior to a safe and supporting community. 

While your loved one’s health and safety should be your primary concerns, your parent can benefit from the following when he or she moves to an elder care community: 

Increased social engagement: Seniors who live alone and who are unable to drive often experience loneliness and depression, since they can no longer engage in social activities. When your loved one moves to an Angelus Oaks assisted living facility, they have many more options. They can join social groups, meet new friends and enjoy regular engagement and lasting connections. For many, this is a critical component of life that has been lost over time — becoming part of a community again is revitalizing and uplifting. 

Activities: From crafts to book clubs and regular discussion groups, active seniors can enjoy a wide range of activities at the elder care home. Planned activities remove the burden of preparing and setting up things to do and allow your loved one to enjoy the actual event itself. 

Outings: The assisted living facility you choose likely has weekly outings to the grocery store, library and special events. These community-based outings allow your senior to enjoy independence, but not have to worry about driving and navigating the area alone. 

Well care: Regular access to well care and preventative care, along with monitoring of chronic health conditions ensures your senior stays healthy. A senior that is homebound will not have the same opportunities to get to preventative and well appointments and their health could suffer as a result. 

Taking the time to learn more about the activities and options the Redlands assisted living facility you are considering has to offer will ensure you pick the right location for your loved one. The right community will offer your parent far more than a simple place to live, it will offer them a thriving community and social life they will enjoy and benefit from every day.