What is an End of Life Care Home?

What is an End of Life Care Home?

When it comes to assisted living facilities for your family members and other loved ones, there are two main types that you’ll need to think about. Some people look for a facility that offers rehabilitation, which can be necessary after an illness or accident. Others, like Pacific Pines, are focused on providing what is known as end of life care. An end of life care facility is more than just a nursing home – it’s an essential part of your relative’s twilight years for a number of reasons.

End of Life Care: What You Need to Know

Also referred to asĀ EoLC, end of life care is a level of service designed specifically for people in the final stages of their lives. This can include both patients in the final hours or days of their lives or people who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses or other serious conditions that are progressive and incurable.

At Pacific Pines, for example, we offer a wide range of different services that all fall under the umbrella of end of life care. These include daily residential physical assessments, a thorough review of resident medical records to develop the best course of action, monitoring residents for acute illnesses and so much more. This is in addition to helping residents will all of their daily activities, including things like medication management.

All of these tasks are performed with the most important goal in mind: optimizing resident quality of life all throughout their final years in a way they wouldn’t be able to guarantee on their own.

Pacific Pines

Pacific Pines is incredibly proud to act as one of the premiere elder care facilities operating anywhere in Redlands, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead or the surrounding areas today. If you have any additional questions about what end of life care means for your loved one or why it is so important, please don’t hesitate to contact Pacific Pines today.