Five Priorities When Researching Residential Care Homes

Five Priorities When Researching Residential Care Homes

When it is time to place a parent or spouse into an elder care facility for their own wellbeing, the care home you choose will have a significant impact on their enjoyment of day to day life. A Redlands assisted living facility needs to be more than just a place to sleep and have access to care; it needs to offer a wide range of services and options for your loved one to engage with and enjoy. From security to daily wellness activities, here are 5 priorities to consider when you look for a care home for your senior loved one:

Safety and Security: Your loved one’s living space should be safe and accessible; the facility should also have a policy regarding personal items and space. When your parent enters an Angelus Oaks nursing home, their room in effect becomes their home, and it should be treated that way by staff.  A tour should reveal personal items in living spaces and staff should treat residents and their belongings with respect.

Access to Care: Ask the assisted living facility you are considering how they handle routine medical care, who will be monitoring your parent’s medical state and what hospital they are affiliated with in case of an emergency. Some seniors are unable to realize that they need medical attention on their own; those with diabetes may not realize they have an injury because of a lack of feeling in the extremities, for example. A proactive approach to care is essential for any Redlands elder care home you are considering.

Memory Care Expertise: If your parent is entering the assisted living facility because they have dementia or Alzheimers, the home you choose for them must offer the right level of care and expertise. Dementia patients are prone to wandering and elopement and require staff that is trained to work with their specific needs.

Activities and Social Opportunities: Seniors in elder care can experience loneliness and depression; a robust activity schedule and plenty of opportunities for interaction are essential. Seniors who are well enough to do so should be offered regular outings to the library, local stores and other locations; every resident should be able to spend time interacting with others. Look for a well thought out activity and social room, groups of seniors spending time together and a robust planned activity schedule to make sure there is enough going on to keep your loved one engaged.

Focus on Wellness: From appealing, healthy and easy to consume food to chair yoga and other activities, a facility with a focus on wellness will be the healthiest option for your loved one. Proactive care that includes regular activity at a level that is accessible to your loved one will keep them healthy and well.

You have a lot to think about when you choose a care home for your loved ones; using the above as a starting point and tailoring these ideas to meet your specific needs will ensure you choose the right location for your parent.