How to Help Your Parents Transition to a Elder Care Home

How to Help Your Parents Transition to a Elder Care Home

As life goes on, health problems often worsen, mobility declines, and living independently becomes a true challenge. If your parents are reaching the point where they cannot live on their own anymore, it is likely time to start discussing the transition to an elder care home. But that is not always so easy. Thankfully, you can help your parents ease through this transition by simply being there every step of the way. Take the following approach to help them accept the need for a nursing home and make the switch without worry.

Start the Conversation Early

Getting emotions and thoughts in check is the first step in accepting the need for a more supportive home environment. This begins with in-depth conversations about your parents’ daily challenges in living at home and managing their health conditions. During these conversations, figure out what your parents want most out of their living environment — and research just how Redlands assisted living facilities can meet their needs.

Visit Nursing Homes Together

Your parents need to feel confident that the elder care home offers all they need from their home environment. To know for sure, you will have to bring them in to visit the facility and see what it is all about. During their tour, they can look at the rooms and learn about the services offered there. The team may discuss medication management, meal services, and other supportive offerings available at that nursing home. Help your parents see how all these services will benefit their lives to assist them in choosing the best living arrangements.

Create a Supportive Visitation Schedule

Many parents worry that moving to a nursing home will keep their loved ones from visiting. Overcome this concern by charting out a visitation schedule for the coming months and beyond. Talk with friends and family members to see when they can visit and let them know about the new living arrangements. Jot down the visits on the calendar and hang it where your parents see, helping them look forward to all the visitors on the books.

Enlist a Lot of Help

While making those phone calls about visits, also find out who will come out to help take care of your parents’ home and belongings. Your parents should only have to think about adjusting to their new living environment, not handling the logistics of the move. Enlist a huge team of helpers to handle those tasks, starting well before the transition date.

While living in an Angelus Oaks nursing home, your parents will receive the care they need while remaining secure from potential hazards. You just have to get them to a point where they can accept the need for this level of care. And then provide the support they require to ease through the transition without worry. Following the tips above will help you achieve that goal and keep your parents in good spirits throughout this important transition.