How to Talk to Your Parents About the Need for Senior Assisted Living

How to Talk to Your Parents About the Need for Senior Assisted Living

As you notice a decline in your parents’ ability to safely live independently, it is likely time to start the conversation about the need for a move to a senior assisted living community. Beginning this conversation can be difficult, specifically if your parents do not notice or acknowledge their daily difficulties. To avoid overwhelming your parents, and yourself, you can ease into the discussion by creating an ongoing dialogue. During these talks with your parents, you can explore the benefits, address your parents’ concerns and look at all the elder care home choices in your area. Here’s what you need to know as you learn how to talk to your parents about the need for their move to a Lake Arrowhead senior assisted living community.

Create an Ongoing Dialogue

Depending on their health, your parents may need some time to come around to the idea of moving to a senior assisted living community near Big Bear, California. Plan to start having this discussion early and often to help your parents ease through this transition. You can discuss the idea in abstracts at first by simply exploring how elder care homes support their residents.

Explore the Benefits

The benefits of moving to Redlands senior assisted living communities are numerous, making this an excellent place to start your talks with your parents. From daily care assistance to nutrition support, discuss the support services offered to residents of these communities – and how those services can help to improve their everyday lives. You can also share information about senior assisted living community amenities, activities and atmosphere.

Discuss Their Concerns

If your parents have any concerns about moving to a Lake Arrowhead nursing home, listen carefully and find ways to address those issues, if needed. Your parents may also just need to vent as they come to terms with the need for this move. Show your understanding and empathy to help your parents overcome their worries and approach this transition with confidence.

Look at all the Senior Assisted Living Choices

As your parents come around to the idea of transitioning to a senior assisted living community in Redlands and Angelus Oaks, California, you should explore the choices in your area together. By visiting the community as a team, you can help your parents make the best decision for their daily needs. You can also explore the other options available, such as in-home care, to help your parents determine which choice offers the perfect amount of care and support.

As you talk with your parents about the move to a nursing home, call our team at Pacific Pines to learn about our elder care communities and schedule your visit. You can call our Angelus Oaks team at 909-801-4904 or dial 909-798-7077 to reach our Redlands senior assisted living community.