Importance of Family Support for Loved Ones at Board and Care Homes

Importance of Family Support for Loved Ones at Board and Care Homes

Although board and care homes provide the daily care your loved ones need, your family members can still greatly benefit from your direct support and involvement. During the transition to a Redlands assisting living home, and afterward, your aging loved ones face an enormous amount of stress that can have an impact on their mental and physical health. Your presence and involvement in the care process can help ease this transition and ensure your loved ones receive the highest level of care that is best suited to their needs and preferences. Utilize this guide to learn how your support will allow for the optimization of your loved ones’ care.

Advocate for Your Loved Ones’ Preferences and Needs

Your loved ones likely have daily stressors from health problems and other factors that make it difficult for them to advocate for themselves. Therefore, you must play an integral role in the advocacy for your loved ones’ needs and preferences. Although Redlands elder care homes provide high-quality care, they cannot personalize their support to your loved ones’ needs without additional information. While talking with the care assisted living care team, you can provide information about their habits, routines and concerns to ensure the care they receive meets their expectations.

Direct Collaboration with Assisted Living Care Team

If your loved ones have chronic restrictive conditions or other health problems, the nursing home will provide exceptional medical care and support in a residential setting. You will need to collaborate with the care team to learn about the level of care required by your loved ones and play a role in the healthcare decision-making process. Your ability to collaborate with nurses and other providers on a regular basis can help improve the health outcomes for your loved one.

Regular Health and Safety Double Checks

Your regular visits to see your loved ones in Redlands elder care homes gives you the opportunity to verify all health and safety systems are in good order. You can inspect your loved ones’ residential nursing homes in Angelus Oaks to verify the safety systems, such as nurse call buttons, work properly. You can also check in on the health of your loved ones and report any change in condition to the nursing team.  

Social Support from Trusted Family Members

With family involvement in the assisted living care process, your loved ones receive invaluable social support from their trusted family members. A strong connection with their social network can help reduce stress, keep loneliness at bay and improve their overall sense of wellness. The meaningful interactions with you can help boost your loved ones’ spirits and help them stay strong on even the most difficult days.

As your loved ones transition to an elder care home near Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, CA, you can create your plan for sustained family involvement throughout this process. You can collaborate with the friends and family in your loved ones’ lives to strengthen the social network and maintain a good volume of visitors. To inquire about the nursing home options available to your loved ones, contact our team at Pacific Pines with a call to 909-801-4904.