Including Elderly Loved Ones in the Holiday Season

Including Elderly Loved Ones in the Holiday Season

The holidays are tremendously important to your senior loved one; if you have a family member in assisted living, spending time with you this season will be one of the highlights of their year. Because seniors can feel isolated during the winter (weather and conditions may keep them indoors more than any other time of year), it is particularly important to include your loved on in the festivities. They’ll love spending time with the family and you’ll be able to revisit your own childhood and celebrations, just by having them present.

Tips for Incorporating Lake Arrowhead Elder Care Residents in Holiday Festivities

Determine a location: If your loved one can travel, your own home is often a better bet than a restaurant or other outing. Create a comfortable place for him to sit and enjoy the grandkids and visitors and appoint one or more of the kids to make sure he has what he needs.

Create a new tradition: If memory or health issues prevent your loved one from leaving the care home, come to her instead. The days leading up to and directly after a holiday can be used to create a festive feel for your loved one at the nursing home. Bring some familiar decorations, bake favorite family recipes and play festive music as you spend some time reminiscing. If you have multiple family members wishing to visit, schedule a visit per day so your parent does not get overwhelmed. This is an ideal time to spend some quality time in your senior parent’s Angelus Oaks environment and ensure they do not feel lonely over the busy holiday season.

Use technology: Your presence is often the best gift, but if you can’t be there, or if siblings, grandkids or cousins are far away, use technology to bring them along. Skype or another easy to use service allows you to cast family members right onto a laptop or television screen and gives your senior another way to feel included.

The best way to ensure your senior feels included and knows they are loved is to plan out your visit or event in advance and make sure they will have everything they need. If possible, visit in person or stagger personal visits so that they truly feel like they are part of the celebration and have something to look forward to over the holidays. Learn more about caring for your loved one during the holidays and all year by visiting our elder care sites; we’re here to help you both enjoy this festive season.