Preserving Family Stories for Future Generations

Preserving Family Stories for Future Generations

It has never been easier to preserve your family memories and heritage than it is today, thanks to an abundance of both modern and traditional tools. Use one or more of these methods to capture family memoires and reminisce with your senior loved one in an assisted care home all at the same time.

3 Ways to Preserve Family Memories with a Loved One in Elder Care


Whether you shoot video, record audio or use a little bit of both, capturing your senior loved ones in digital form creates a lasting memory for your entire family. Your kids – -and their kids – will be able to not only hear stories about Grandma, but see her and listen to her tell them herself. When you shoot in person video at an assisted living or Redlands elder care community, you are also getting a way to spend time with your loved one and allowing them to recall days that have passed, but that are still remembered in a meaningful way.

Scrapbook or Memory Book

A more traditional way to capture family memories, a scrapbook can feature images, stories, journal pages and more. You’ll be able to snap photos and include them and share the finished book with your family. This approach works well if you enjoy creative tasks and opt for acid free materials that will withstand the test of time without yellowing or fading. This is also the time to scan in any old images (that could be degrading due to time) and use them creatively – -or share them with other family members.

Family Blog or Site

You can set up a free, easy to add to blog and feature stories, current events and more for a lasting, ever-changing record of the family history. The ability to add tags, search by name and add images means that stories or individual pictures can swiftly be found or shared. If you do not want to do a blog, a family Facebook group will work as well, allowing everyone to contribute. Tech friendly seniors can add to it as they like, creating a visual record of the family history.

Whichever method you choose, recording your family memories and history allows you to spend meaningful time with your loved ones today, and to create treasured memories for yourself and for generations to come. Setting up a series of monthly Redlands nursing home visits to record, gather or simply talk about your family with a senior in assisted living will be beneficial for you both and you’ll create a project to remember.