Questions That Adult Children Often Ask About Senior Care

Questions That Adult Children Often Ask About Senior Care

Seniors who need the physical support and assistance that comes with making the change to an assisted living facility in Lake Arrowhead often ask specific questions about the new lifestyle, in many cases, when a loved one with memory issues is coming to live in a nursing home, caregivers and adult children have questions as well. Some of the most common concerns we hear when it comes to elder care are outlined below, along with their answers. Having these details should give you hope and peace of mind about your loved one’s care and future.


Questions about Elder Care in Redlands


Can I come visit?


Of course! Your loved one is coming into an assisted living facility for help and support, but can still maintain an active, social lifestyle. Family visits offer a way for your loved one to entertain, stress free and to feel comfortable in a setting that is supportive. You’ll be able to strengthen your bond and enjoy time together instead of running through errands and tasks that need to get done.


Can She Still be Independent?


Absolutely; a Big Bear elder care facility should help your mom or dad keep as much of their independence as possible. By offering regular outings, social gatherings and other options that are safe and designed to meet your loved one’s needs, they can enjoy everything they once did, and you can have peace of mind that they are safe and well.


What is a typical day like?


It depends on your loved one – activity is good for both the mind and body, so plenty of options are available in a Redlands assisted living center. Seniors who are active are at less risk of injury and stay mentally sharper than their non-active counterparts. A typical day might include gentle exercise and social interaction, some preferred hobbies or reading, an outing to a local event or mall or even visits from friends and other loved ones. With safety concerns out of the way, your loved one can return to previously enjoyed hobbies or learn new ones.


What if something goes wrong?


Your loved one may want to reach out to you and your care facility will pay prompt attention to the problem and attempt to reach you as quickly as possible. A senior that falls at home may end up waiting for care, but something like a fall in a nursing care home is identified immediately and addressed instantly.


At the heart of all these caregiver questions, though, is one real concern – will my aging parent be happy and well cared for. Asking, worrying and wondering about your loved one’s care is totally normal and something that all our clients do. If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, but get peace of mind from knowing you are not alone and that the answers you need are available.