What does a residential care facility provide?

What does a residential care facility provide?

Residential Care Facilities or group homes, are small private facilities, usually with 20 or fewer residents. Rooms may be private or shared. Residents receive personal care and meals and have staff available around the clock. Nursing and medical care usually are not provided on site.

Further, a Residential Care Facility or Assisted Living Facility provide a combination of residential housing, personalized supportive services and healthcare. Residential settings maximize independence, but do not provide 24/7 skilled nursing care. Residential Care Facilities are designed to meet the individual needs of those requiring help with activities of daily living, but do not need the expense of skilled medical care provided in a nursing home.

Choosing a residential care facility may seem like an overwhelming task – there are many factors and services to consider. However, asking the right questions can make it more manageable. Here are some questions that you should understand about any facility before making a decision:

  • What is the visitation policy for friends and loved ones?
  • How many meals or snacks are provided each day and are they prepared on site?
  • How are nutritional or dietary requirements addressed?
  • What type of supervision is provided? Is it 24-hour, 7 days a week?
  • What is the policy for assistance with medication, including injections for guests with diabetes?
  • How can guests request emergency assistance at all places on the facility grounds?
  • How often is housekeeping scheduled for individual rooms and common areas?
  • What type of laundry services are provided?
  • Are custom furnishings or bedding allowed?
  • What type of outdoor living is provided?
  • Is there assistance with technology such as Wi-Fi and tablets?
  • What is the policy for common area entertainment such as television and radio?
  • How is transportation for medical appointments coordinated?
  • Are outpatient or in-house therapy services accommodated?


A Family Ambiance

Residential care facilities offer a smaller, more home-like family setting for seniors. Pacific Pines offers residences in traditional neighborhoods and provides care for a handful of patients, rather than the dozens or hundreds in assisted living communities. We keep our commitment to the respect and professionalism of your loved one as a top priority. Top of Form

We invite you to schedule a tour of either of the Pacific Pines residential care facilities and experience why we are the assisted-living facilities of choice for so many families of the Inland Empire.