What to Do When Dad and Mom Have Different Senior Living Care Needs

What to Do When Dad and Mom Have Different Senior Living Care Needs

People age differently; you may find that your parents have vastly different needs when it comes to elder care. When those needs are  relatively close, your parents can likely stay together and have a similar assisted living or Big Bear care home needs. When those needs are more diverse, you face more challenges when it comes to your nursing home options. Learning more about what to expect when your parents have diverse needs — and how to support them if they do end up in separate Lake Arrowhead care home locations – -can help you make the best possible decisions.

What to Do if Mom and Dad Have Different Care Home Needs

In most cases, your parents will want and need to stay together; you can take steps to help them find a Redlands assisted living setup that supports this need, particularly if both are relatively healthy and require a similar level of care. This is not always the case. If one parent has more pressing medical needs or because of memory care issues, has become a threat to the other, you may need to consider separating them to ensure they get the best possible care.

Separation may seem like a dramatic and difficult step, but if one party has a memory issue, then it may be the best thing for both parties. Your parent who needs memory care and nursing home care may need an elevated level of care, while the parent who is in better health and of sound mind may just need the additional support offered by an assisted living facility. The best way to determine what is best for your loved ones is to speak with your doctor about their long term prospects and to observe how they are doing together. In many cases, one parent may be acting as caregiver for the other, damaging their own health in the process.

If Separation is Best for Both Parents

If you determine that your parents needs are too diverse for them to enter the same facility right now, you can secure a spot for the parent that needs it and support the parent who can still live independently as well. In many cases, the need to care for a spouse is a primary factor making it difficult for an otherwise healthy senior to maintain independence. High quality care homes offer plenty of opportunities for visits that can be enjoyed without the burden of providing personal care, so your parents can end up spending more quality time together.

Learning more about the types of elder care available to you and carefully considering the needs of both parents can help you make the right decision for both of your loved ones. Contact us to learn more about your options and what to expect when your parents have different needs of care.