4 Types of Care Provided to Residents at Quality Senior Assisted Living Facilities

4 Types of Care Provided to Residents at Quality Senior Assisted Living Facilities

When looking for a quality residential care facility for the elderly, it is important to pay attention to the types of care provided at each location. Quality senior assisted living facilities should offer the highest level of care to help ensure the comfort and wellbeing of their residents. The 24-hour supervised care routines need to support the needs of residents with minor to chronic restrictive health conditions. Potential residents and their loved ones can look for the four following care types to find a fully supportive elder care home in Redlands and Angelus Oaks, California.  

Daily Care Assistance

Caregivers at quality residential care facilities provide assistance with all daily care tasks of their residents. From grooming and toileting to bathing and dressing, seniors receive all the care they need from the start of each day. Depending on their unique level of need seniors may receive support with combing their hair, brushing their teeth or completing denture care, clipping their nails and other important types of care needed on a daily basis.

Housekeeping and Laundry

While residing in a high-quality residential care facility, residents never have to lift a finger to clean up their living area. Instead, caregivers complete all housekeeping and laundry tasks to keep the residents comfortable and healthy. Dust removal, surface sanitation and other cleaning tasks keep the elder care environment in optimal shape for health and wellbeing of all residents.

Health Monitoring and Medication Management

All elder care home residents can receive health monitoring and medication management services as appropriate for their situation. During the health monitoring process, caregivers may take the resident’s temperature and other vital signs, record symptoms and collaborate with physicians as needed. Medication management allows residents to take their daily prescription and over the counter drugs without having to remember dosage amounts or intervals.

Nutrition Support

Meal prep assistance and other nutrition support services are a big part of the daily care offered at assisted living facilities. Nursing home nutrition support services help residents consume enough calories, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. Nutrition support caregivers also focus on helping residents maintain adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

People looking for elder care homes for their loved ones in Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead can acquire the support they need from the Pacific Pines team. Our assisted living locations in Redlands and Angelus Oaks offer seniors the opportunity to receive the highest level of care available in a residential setting. Give us a call today to learn more about our elder care homes and senior support services.