How to Avoid Placing Your Own Needs Ahead of Your Loved One When Looking for Assisted Living

How to Avoid Placing Your Own Needs Ahead of Your Loved One When Looking for Assisted Living

Picking the right care home for your mother, father or other loved one is a process that requires you to keep a number of things in mind. Everyone wants to act with their family member’s best interests at heart – nobody is arguing otherwise. But sometimes approaching the situation from the wrong perspective can lead you to commit one of the most common errors that people often face: putting their own needs above that of the person in need of care.

Again – nobody is saying this is happening intentionally. However, you can avoid the situation altogether by considering a few essential things.

Putting Yourself in Their Shoes

Making the right decision in terms of finding the right nursing home for your loved ones requires you not to put yourself in their shoes, but to try to see things through their eyes. Don’t ask yourself “what type of elder care facility would I want if I were in this situation?” It’s an honest question, but one that can often cause you to assess the situation incorrectly and ultimately make bad decisions.

Don’t pick a larger care facility because it’s close to your home, or because it offers a wide range of social activities that you find interesting. Maybe your loved one doesn’t need social activities – what they really need is an intimate level of care. Don’t make decisions based on what you want for your loved one. Make decisions based on what they would want for themselves.

The Pacific Pines Approach

At Pacific Pines, we’re proud to act as one of the premiere Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly operating anywhere in Redlands, Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead today. If you have additional questions about long-term care for your loved one, or if you’d like to sit down with someone and speak more directly about your available options, don’t delay – contact us today.