Transitioning to Assisted Living

Transitioning to Assisted Living

Making the move to a Redlands assisted living home is a huge change for both the caregiver and their loved one. Often, families in this situation focus on the endings – worries about a lack of independence, giving up a cherished home and even being separated from family can take a toll. Focusing on the beginnings involved with the move to a Big Bear care home can help everyone deal with the process and even find joy and hope in the pending changes.

A Fresh Beginning

The move to an elder care facility in Lake Arrowhead means peace of mind for both caregiver and resident. For the caregiver, the worries about falls, injuries and in the case of memory issues, medication compliance, and even elopement will be eased once their parent is in a safe and secure setting. For the loved one, the chance to engage with others, enjoy outings at their own pace and explore a variety of activities and wellness routines are all some unexpected and joyful changes.

Bring Things from Home

A care home doesn’t have to look like an antiseptic hospital setting, despite the quality of care and medical assistance at the ready. Help your loved one choose familiar, sentimental items, hobby supplies and plenty of familiar pieces to bring along. Set their place up like a home and they’ll feel better about the move and enjoy being surrounded by beloved possessions. If they do not feel like they have to give up cherished and familiar items, the transition will be easier for you both.

Build a Strong Connection

The nursing home has plenty of social opportunities, but your loved one will still want to be included in family gatherings. Bring the kids, bring the family and if your loved one can manage simple technology, set them up with a tablet and Facebook account, preloaded with family and friends so they can stay in touch.

The way you approach the move, the way you set up the new environment and even the connections you forge after your parent moves in can make the transition to assisted living easy and joyful for you both. To learn more about the benefits of a high-quality elder care home and what it can do for you, contact us; we are always eager to help families transition to this new stage of life.