Ways to Stay Connected with your Loved One in Assisted Living

Ways to Stay Connected with your Loved One in Assisted Living

Your loved one will feel more at home and comfortable in a Lake Arrowhead assisted living facility when they feel connected with you and part of the family. There are ways to stay in touch and involve your senior parent in family events. Many families find that it is actually easier to connect with a senior once they enter assisted living; the burden of preparing to entertain or drive to meet family is lifted entirely.

3 Ways to Stay Close

Use Old Fashioned Methods

Today’s seniors used letters and the phone to connect; using these tools may seem old-fashioned, but they resonate with your loved one and ensure you can effectively communicate. Letters and cards can be displayed and reread, making them particularly appealing to your loved one.

Go High Tech

More and more seniors are becoming tech-friendly; take advantage of the nursing home Wi-Fi and a simple tablet to stay in touch. Setting up a simple device or tablet and helping your loved one connect with friends and family on sites like Facebook can help them stay in touch with the entire family. Adding a streaming service or books to the device can make it even more useful.

Bring the Family

Adults in an elder care home love to see children, so make a point to bring the entire family along when you can. Pack a book for grandma to read to the kids, a snack to share or even a simple craft to do together. Spending time as a family in this new setting gives your loved one something to look forward to and ensures they stay connected.

Learn more about assisted living and staying in touch as your parent or loved one settles in. We’re here to help you transition to a fresh new stage of life and ensure your loved one can take advantage of all of the wonderful things they can do in assisted living.